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TOPIC: The 7-Steps
The 7-Steps 7 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0
The 7-Steps

Has your group taken the 7-Steps to awesome health yet?

The 7-Steps are educational tools geared toward self-discovery within a 10-week, 1-hour, coaching time frame to assist individuals in making positive lifestyle choices that are more in-tune with basic principles of health and wellness that would best optimize their particular health, wellness and fitness goals.

The 7-Steps are based on the premise that Coach and Client CAN work together to accomplish a few things, exceptionally well. At the same time, the 7-Steps have been designed to implement the structure of practicing each step within a client’s weekly routine to ensure the success of their choices and to get the results they want.

The 7-Steps are very basic, yet when applied individually to each client and are successfully integrated within their lifestyles and environments, they become very positive action measures to effectively help raise our community and global standards of health and wellness, as well as help people and communities recover from poor health.

The 7-Steps are the proprietary and intellectual property of Elite Specialty Nutrition Ltd. that are specifically utilized within our Coaching sessions, in order to bring a variety of practical, wholistic lifestyle applications to average folk that ensure that average stumbling blocks, hurdles and those few basics that sabotage all health and fitness results are exposed and successfully overcome, while maintaining integrity.

The 7-Steps are also the basis of our:
  • 4-Phase Lifestyle Approach within the Perfect Plate Nutrition Helper™
  • ----For Optimum Health
  • ----For Weight Loss
  • ----For Weight Gain
  • ----For Muscle Building
  • ----For Athletic Performance
  • Adding more variety in Phases 3 and 4
  • Hormonal Balance Protocol
  • 21-Day Challenge
  • The Half-Time Diet©
  • Juice Cleanse Protocols
  • Adding a daily Coloured Chia Fresca
  • 21-Day Metabolic Diet Challenge
  • Specific Sports Nutrition Plans

  • We welcome all opportunities to partner with schools, fitness clubs, churches, businesses, community groups, sports organizations, government bodies and specific interest groups.

    For availability and rates, please contact:

    Copyright © 2010-2011 Elite Specialty Nutrition Ltd.
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