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Body Type: MesoYou are more middle of the road in bone structure. Some of you have that natural athletic look. You may just be able to, or almost touch your middle finger and thumb when wrapped around your opposite wrist. You are in reasonably good health, have no food allergies, may have packed on a few extra pounds and currently are not on any prescribed medication from your Health Care Professional. Your health and fitness goals may include Optimum Health, Weight Loss, Muscle Building or Athletic Performance.

For your stage of life, you are 14 to 18, 19 to 50 or 51 plus. You enjoy a mixture of Carbs, Fats and Proteins and with Metabolic Typing® you are considered the Mixed Type. You may enjoy too many of the poorer quality grain and starch Carbs. You are Meso-Gal or Meso-Guy if the above information and photo applies to you.

If you do have health problems, food allergies or take any medication – talk with your Health Care Pro. Along with your choice of Meso-Gal or Meso-Guy, PPNH™ for your health and fitness journey, they may include other modifications and suggestions, specific for you.


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