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You need to identify your Body Type to choose a PPNH™ that is right for you.

Correctly identifying your Body Type with your stage of life is your starting place, for beginning your optimum health and fitness journey.

For women and men, there are 3 general Body Type considerations… Ecto, Meso, or Endo.


Getting Started is  as easy as 1, 2, 3...


  1. 1. Pick your Body Type (Ecto, Meso, or Endo)
  2. 2. Pick your current Stage of Life
    (your age group, for example 14-18, 19-50, or 51+)

    Metabolic Typing® Questionnaire: Click here
    Please READ Final Considerations:  Click here
    before ordering.

  3. 3. Order your PPNH™ from the Store page




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