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Dan HanewichIt’s no wonder that cycling for charity from Toronto to Montreal appeals to Dan Hanewich, speaker, author, wellness, nutrition and fitness coach. In his heart, as within all of us, is a real freedom-seeking energy enthusiast. Dan, a retired GM employee with 31.6 years of service, now fuses his passion for cycling with his voice to inspire and educate others to realize that they need not chase their life… it’s available and waiting.

In his speaking and coaching, Dan helps people to find freedom, live fulfilled lives, re-discover their hopes, dreams, passions and employ their talents to uplift their true nature. In the process of getting real and busy they gain new confidence.

Folks embrace new skills and make new choices. It is rewarding for them to conquer life’s challenges. They love their new health and fitness benefits. Dan shows when you are balanced and alive, it is possible to enjoy every day of your life and live it to the max despite all the chaos around you.

Dan is available for media, speaking and book readings.

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“Imagine what our world might be like, if everyone simply did what truly moves us, what we felt calls us—no matter how ‘out of character’ or ‘animated.’ Imagine how much less depression, anger, stress and hopelessness there might be in our world.”

- Dan Hanewich


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